Steak Supper Review

March 13 we had our first steak supper since the pandemic started. It was AMAZING! We had a great menu and so much help! We sold over 100 steaks and we think the pre ordering is the new way to go. It really reduced wait time for customers. We are very thankful to the Viking Grads that came to help us (we give money towards their grad fundraising for each grad)- Kaitlyn, Victoria, Bryce and Tianna. We also had Linda and Evan Hunt and Logan volunteer their time, which made a big difference. Massive kudos to Kaitlyn, she is awesome at working with Gene organizing the steaks on the grill.

Board VP Ashton Dinwoodie plating an order, with Gail and Evan in back.
Board President Lucy and Board Member Sarah running the bar.
We are so thankful for the CFEB grant that helped us with funding for dressing rooms and the new chiller!

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