And just like that…

Our hockey season is over and our April steak night is cancelled.

We are very thankful that we were able to have a bit of a hockey season, even if it was short. Thankful that Holden Minor Hockey and Pond Hockey were able to use our ice. We were also fortunate that Rebellion Hockey booked ice time with us too. Although we felt bad that our adult teams were not able to join us when the Covid restrictions lifted a bit. We missed them. We took the ice out today. Clint Zemlak and Mark Geibelhaus and their team took the ice out this week. We are so thankful for their work.

Since there is now Covid restrictions, we had to cancel out April steak night. Maybe we will be able to do it in May.

April Steak Night!!

We had such wonderful success with our March Steak Night, that we are going to do it again! Please text or email Carrie with your order and what sitting you want. Thanks so much for your support.

April 10 Steak Supper Order form:

SteakRare – Medium Rare – Medium Medium Well – Well Done$25.00
Baked Potato  
Creamy Coleslaw  
Broccoli, Bacon & Ranch salad  
Garlic Bread  
Sour Cream  
Green Onion  
Bacon Bits  
Phone number:
Sitting:                        4:30-6:00 OR 6:30-8:00
Pick up time:

Please note we have limited space available for dine in so please book in advance!

Text Carrie at 780-235-1329 or email to book now!

Bylaw Update

On April 21, 2021 we will be having a short meeting to approve our updated bylaws. We really need to have at least 10 people that are not on Executive in this meeting so we can approve them. Our meeting will probably be by zoom and will be about 15-30 minutes. If you would like to be part of this, please email us so we can send you the link. 🙂

Steak Supper Review

March 13 we had our first steak supper since the pandemic started. It was AMAZING! We had a great menu and so much help! We sold over 100 steaks and we think the pre ordering is the new way to go. It really reduced wait time for customers. We are very thankful to the Viking Grads that came to help us (we give money towards their grad fundraising for each grad)- Kaitlyn, Victoria, Bryce and Tianna. We also had Linda and Evan Hunt and Logan volunteer their time, which made a big difference. Massive kudos to Kaitlyn, she is awesome at working with Gene organizing the steaks on the grill.

Board VP Ashton Dinwoodie plating an order, with Gail and Evan in back.
Board President Lucy and Board Member Sarah running the bar.
We are so thankful for the CFEB grant that helped us with funding for dressing rooms and the new chiller!


One of the memories that came up on my phone was for the Pancake Supper Fundraiser we did in 2016 for a young community member who was in hospital. Our President Christine Suchy pulled together the supper and silent auction within a week and we had a great turnout. The community members rallied and raised around $3000 for the family for gas and food while they travelled back and forth to Edmonton hospital. It was so heart warming to be a part of that.

It is also cool to see how the kitchen looked before we did renovations.

Linda Pyzik, Maryiln Koch, ?, Otto Suchy, Sean Suchy, Gene Hrabec
Julianne, Linda, Dave, Gene, Sarah, Marilyn

Steak Nite!!

We are so excited to be offering our first steak night in a year!! We are going to be working with Covid guidelines and will be doing things a bit different. Firstly, you will have to order ahead of time, order form will be attached. Secondly, we will have 2 sittings 4:30-6:00 and 6:30-8:00. Tables will be set up for a max of 6 people per table. Those 6 people have to be from same household. Third, we will be doing table service. This means we will bring your loaded plate to you as well as doing drink orders to your table. We will also be offering take out service if you prefer to eat at home. We are hoping to have a few grads from Viking to help us out as well. Feel free to email, text or call your order in to or 780-235-1329


I know I said we were turning the plant off…. but Mother Nature had some different ideas for us. Since it has been so cold, our ice is still perfect! So we are open for ice rental in accordance to Alberta Health updated guidelines. So far we are able to rent to hockey groups of 10 plus coach, kids 18 and under.

If you know of any teams that are looking for ice, please pass our info on.

Burger Take Out!!

Our Famous Burgers

At the Holden Complex

Saturday 13th February 12noon-2pm

5123 – 50th St (Holden complex address)

Pick up orders only

(Unless COVID restrictions change)

Full menu will be available on Holden Today and our Facebook page,

orders before the date would be much appreciated or please text 780-235-1329

Welcome to the Holden Ag Society
Please mark what you would like 
 including condiments and drinks 
Hamburger single w onion$4 
Hamburger single $4 
Hamburger double w onion$5 
Hamburger double$5 
Cheeseburger single w onion$5 
Cheeseburger single $5 
Cheeseburger double w onion$7 
Cheeseburger double$7 
Fries with gravy$6 
Onion Rings$5 
Salt and Pepper *n/c 
Water Free 
Pop and/or Hot drink$2 
Please state drinks here:  
Phone number  
Pick up time  
*n/c No Charge  
Thank you for your continued support!!