Our Fall

The big question these days, other that hows harvest going, is are we putting ice in??

YES!! We are planning to put our ice in! We are aiming for a Nov 1 start date and excited for a new hockey season. We will be working hard to maintain COVID protocols so we are not sure how things are going to look. Our plan so far is to have LOTS of time between teams so that we can clean the dressing rooms and bleachers. We will get more details as we get closer.

Once harvest is done, we will be looking at doing our steak dinners again. Again we will be following COVID protocols so we are exactly sure how that is going to look.

Can’t wait to see everyone again!!

Steak Suppers

I recently was reminiscing about our steak dinners the other day, since I had a memory pop up on my Facebook. You know we have been doing steak suppers for over 7 years. It has been a great fundraiser for us, not just for the money but because it really brings the community together. It is always great to see our regulars come every month. So thank you for your support. Our future plans are to working on more new dressing rooms. I have added some old supper pics that I have found. If you have any please send them my way so I can add them to the blog. 🙂

Steak supper in the early days, before the kitchen renovation, on the old grill. Gene Hrabec is doing the cooking. All those plates are steak orders waiting to be filled. In the background you can see Brandy Bartel (Treasurer at the time) and Josh Hrabec taking orders at the counter.
Steak supper in the new renovated kitchen. Gene Hrabec is still cooking up at storm, but now it is our new -to-us stove and grill, which was donated to us from Beaver Health Foundation. You can see the side of Kaitlyn Suchy; standing in line is Julianne Foster (VP), Donna Zemlak (member), Linda Pyzik (Director), Carrie Hrabec (Secretary)
Another Steak supper. Gene Hrabec cooking, Donna Zemlak doing the mushrooms (her specialty), Sarah Hrabec giving orders and Matt Hrabec making a salad.
Christmas Steak Supper 2017.
Christmas 2017

Latest News

We had our board meeting last night via Zoom. It was interesting to say the least.

Big news, because of Covid-19, we have decided not take part in Farmer’s Day this year. It will be the first time in a very long time that we will not be involved. Some one said “since the war”, but I can’t verify that.

We are also going to be cleaning out our freezers and selling our burgers and steaks. Keep your eyes open for that.

Instead of Farmer’s Day we are hoping to have a Burger and Fries night in June, pick up only. Still working out the details on that.

The COVID-19

So because of COVID 19 the complex had to close down a week or so early. Our hearts go out to Minor Hockey who were so close to getting the banner before they had to stop. Farewell to the graduating minor hockey players as well.

We also had to cancel our steak night and we will probably have to cancel April’s as well. Farmer’s Day and the Cattle Show are still up in the air.

Keep checking to see how things shape up and stay healthy.