History of the Holden Ag Society

Community Enhancement Grant
Merv Zemlak, Hon. Ken Kowalski Minister of Lotteries and Gaming, Lawrence Hrabec
Looking from the soccer field south. Love the water tower in the background
Looking from main street eastward at the new building. Just waiting for roof and doors

It has been in our community for decades.

The Holden Ag Society actually started as the Holden Curling Club and between 1918-1924 they built a small curling ring close to our current location. It was built by E. Olsen and was lit by gas light.

By 1938 members needed a new 2 sheet ice rink which was built in our current location. Again E. Olsen was construction supervisor and it’s total cost was $1,200.00 and lots of volunteer hours.

In 1954 the curling club added another sheet to their rink and raised $5,000.00 with a Car Bingo. The Holden School principal, William Brushett won the Buick car. Geibelhaus Construction completed the project in 1957.

In 1962 it was decided to install artificial ice to keep competitive, which was completed before the 1963 season started.

In 1972, the Curling Club envisioned a new building for the Village. One that had a concession, a hockey arena and the curling rink all in one building. They joined forces with the community and became the Holden Agricultural Society, which they incorporated in 1972. It started with a President, two Vice Presidents, one Secretary/ Treasurer and ten Board members. The board was made up of mostly from members of the Holden Curling Club. To start the new building, named ‘The Complex’, the Holden Ag was able to raise $60,000.00. Cambrian Engineering was contracted to build the Complex for a total cost of $180,000.00.

Construction was completed and opening ceremonies were held in February 1975.

In 1982, they put artificial ice in the hockey arena, which was nice so they could have a longer season.

Unfortunately the curling rink side of the Complex closed in 1999. In 2005 the Holden Beef 4-H Club renovated the curling rink side by putting dirt and sand on the floor so they could use for shows.

In 2016 the Holden Ag decided to change the curling rink side to large meeting room by paving the floor. The back half is being used for 4-H and the front half is a meeting room with a bar. At the same time they started adding 3 more dressing rooms by taking out the east side bleachers.

The concession kitchen was also updated in 2016 with new cupboards, fridges and grill. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the burgers. They are still make with the same secret recipe by our volunteer board.

The Complex is still a beehive of activity, especially in the winter, with a variety of activities. Hockey; minor, adult and pond, 4-H clubs, Family skate, steak suppers, Farmer’s Day, Cattle Show fill up our space.

Holden Ag Society still runs the Complex with volunteer hours and hired employees. We would like to thank everyone who has helped to make our Complex strong and our burgers famous.

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