Welcome to the Holden Agricultural Society

Holden Ag Society one of the oldest volunteer groups in Holden . We run the Holden Complex, located at the north end of Holden. We have an ice arena, recreation side and an Mezzanine meeting room.

If you want to book ice time, meeting room space, please double check calendars for availability and then text or email Carrie at 780-235-1329 or holdenagsociety@gmail.com

What’s Going on at the Complex

Steak Suppers

I recently was reminiscing about our steak dinners the other day, since I had a memory pop up on my Facebook. You know we have been doing steak suppers for over 7 years. It has been a great fundraiser for us, not just for the money but because it really brings the community together. ItContinue reading “Steak Suppers”

Taking the ice out

We are so thankful for the Zemlaks!! They were able to take the ice out this past weekend. Usually we have a crew that helps to get this job done, but since we are not allowed to gather, Zemlaks did it with just their family. They even crafted a fancy squeegee for their bobcat, whichContinue reading “Taking the ice out”

Latest News

We had our board meeting last night via Zoom. It was interesting to say the least. Big news, because of Covid-19, we have decided not take part in Farmer’s Day this year. It will be the first time in a very long time that we will not be involved. Some one said “since the war”,Continue reading “Latest News”

Our new chiller!
Love the new concession look