Steak Nite!!

We are so excited to be offering our first steak night in a year!! We are going to be working with Covid guidelines and will be doing things a bit different. Firstly, you will have to order ahead of time, order form will be attached. Secondly, we will have 2 sittings 4:30-6:00 and 6:30-8:00. Tables will be set up for a max of 6 people per table. Those 6 people have to be from same household. Third, we will be doing table service. This means we will bring your loaded plate to you as well as doing drink orders to your table. We will also be offering take out service if you prefer to eat at home. We are hoping to have a few grads from Viking to help us out as well. Feel free to email, text or call your order in to or 780-235-1329

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