Burger Take Out!!

Our Famous Burgers

At the Holden Complex

Saturday 13th February 12noon-2pm

5123 – 50th St (Holden complex address)

Pick up orders only

(Unless COVID restrictions change)

Full menu will be available on Holden Today and our Facebook page,

orders before the date would be much appreciated or please text 780-235-1329

Welcome to the Holden Ag Society
Please mark what you would like 
 including condiments and drinks 
Hamburger single w onion$4 
Hamburger single $4 
Hamburger double w onion$5 
Hamburger double$5 
Cheeseburger single w onion$5 
Cheeseburger single $5 
Cheeseburger double w onion$7 
Cheeseburger double$7 
Fries with gravy$6 
Onion Rings$5 
Salt and Pepper *n/c 
Water Free 
Pop and/or Hot drink$2 
Please state drinks here:  
Phone number  
Pick up time  
*n/c No Charge  
Thank you for your continued support!!

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